undefined reference to `rk_globfree'/`rk_glob'

Harris Christian D SSgt 1 CS/SCBAM Christian.Harris at langley.af.mil
Mon Aug 15 17:07:08 PDT 2005

I got the same "undefined reference to `rk_glob' and `rk_globfree'" 

error(s) while trying to compile Libxml2-2.6.20. But I do have 

Heimdal-0.70 installed. 


After reading around the internet for a while I found one post where 

someone was able to fix the same problem (but with a package 

other than libxml2) by editing the Makefile and removing the 

-I/usr/include/heimdal from the CPFLAGS (or something like that). 

But when I looked through my Makefile(s) that variable was empty. 


After futher research I found a post in the BLFS Dev mail archive 

where someone actually edited /usr/include/glob.h. He wasn't 

very specific, but I commented out the lines;


#define  glob rk_glob

#define  globfree rk_globfree


After I did that, Libxml2 complied and passed the make check. 

Now I'm not a programmer, so naturally I am wary of installing 

the now successfully compiled package. Nor do I want to leave 

the 2 line commented out. I mean I have no idea what I have 

done! Or why it caused my package to compile correctly.


Is it ok to edit header file like that?

Can I trust the Libxml2 to function correctly?

Did I screw up the Heimdal install? (It doesn't seem like it)

Should I leave the 2 line commented out and save myself future 


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