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randhir phagura rsphagura at
Tue Aug 16 07:05:50 PDT 2005


Jeremy Byron wrote:

>Note the 'mono' in both cases.. compare below.

Yeah!! You are right Jeremy. There is a driver issue here:

'lspci' shows the driver as:ESS Technology ES1969 Solo-1
'alsamixer' shows the card as: Card: ESS ES1938 (Solo-1) Chip: ESS Solo-1
'alsa plugin' configure shows: default 'default PCM device'.

Actually, the problem seems with kernel configuration:
sound-> alsa->'PCI devices' shows all the ESS cards in one line as below:
<*> ESS ES1938/1946/1969 (Solo-1). The kernel has selected the first listed, 
it seems. Or the same driver fits all?
How does one select the correct card (ES1969), here, in the config?
Where, on the web, is the correct driver likely to be available? I will try 
and 'google' for it.

The other issues mentioned:

Dummy mixer has been done away with but even after recompiling the kernel, 
the problem stays. Now card 0 is as in 'alsamixer'above.
On using ',' for toggling single channel the setting of 'Master' becomes 
'OO' but the 'aplay' command still gives 'Mono' in the end.
The 'speaker-test' also still indicates only 'Front Left'.
In the 'alsamixer' curses output, 'PCM' has no indication 'MM' or 'OO'. It 
only shows volume bar for 'PCM'.

Does the above give any clues for a possible solution?

Randhir Phagura

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