change permissions on /dev/null

Jeremy Byron rjjbyron at
Tue Aug 16 19:19:36 PDT 2005

Jens Olav Nygaard wrote:
> Hmmmm. Can this explain the following: I wanted to make a mirror of my
> installation, and did 'cp -ax / /mnt', the empty mirror root mounted
> on /mnt. I tried to boot it, but something went wrong rather quickly.
> Could the reason be that I did not do 'cp -ax /dev /mnt' after the first
> copy?

No, you'd just be recopying a subset of what you copied the first time.

To clone an LFS install, you need to be really careful.

1) Copy everything except for /dev, /sys, and /proc to $NEWLFS
2) Create $NEWLFS/{dev{,/shm,/pts},sys,proc}
3) Create $NEWLFS/dev/{console,null} inodes
	- see the LFS /dev setup
	- the rest should be created at bootup by udev
4) Modify $NEWLFS/etc/fstab appropriately
	- different partitions, ..
5) Edit /boot/grub/menu.lst as needed
	- you want to be able to boot into the clone, right?
6) ..

That's all I can think of at the moment, should be enough to get you 
started anyhow.


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