Summer Time & Winter time adjustments

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Wed Aug 17 13:34:56 PDT 2005


	Ireland is the home of leprachauns, tall stories and much else.
Likewise the policy here is not to lock up lunatics - they are allowed
to remain in the population and often hold down jobs (usually in
politics or the media). But we are as a nation extremely fond of our 

	Lest our offspring suffer harm on their way to school in dark
winter mornings, they started with summertime & wintertime. The clocks
go back 60 minutes in Autumn (The date varies immensely) and go forward
in summertime. The basis for the chenge is a combination of 'lighting up
time' which is offset from 'sunset' by 30 mins, and 'sleeping out time'
which ensures maximum leeway in the diary. This accomodates the 50% of 
the population who sleep for 2 extra hours when told they have one.
Sleeping out time must be at a maximum so they don't miss anything 
important. Similar rules apply in the spring, when clocks go forward.

/end preamble

Right now the time is close to 20:00, the BIOS says 20:00 but the lfs
installations say 21:00. I'm on GMT about half of the year (to be 
precise, 2/5ths to 3/5ths). The time command is for somebody else -
somebody who can dial up on pppd directly - that sort of guy. How do I
shift it back an hour or forward.

But the various time programs seem broken at best, and linux seems
confused about clocks, having turf wars over this function & that one.

[root at genius ~]# hwclock --show
Wed 17 Aug 2005 20:28:09 IST  -1.008866 seconds
[root at genius ~]# date
Wed Aug 17 21:28:19 IST 2005
[root at genius ~]# gettimeofday
-bash: gettimeofday: command not found

I presume that's what inspired ddate :-)

What's the story? How do I sort that one?

	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.

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