Xorg fails to compile for x86_64

Doug Ronne vextorspace at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 20:30:46 PDT 2005

On 8/17/05, Ken Moffat <ken at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:

> Did you use --libdir=/usr/lib64 for png, freetype, and fontconfig ?
Yes I did, and verified that they were all in the correct spot and
used readelf to make sure they were all compiled for the correct arch.
 After going through just the basic cross-lfs multi-lib I see why you
prefer pure 64.  I wanted the multilib primarily so that I could use a
few mozilla plugins that I've never found for 64 bits (at least
working) even on SuSe 64 and Ubuntu 64.  But I may give that up in
favor of a pure 64 environment just for sanity.

>  OTOH, ppc has always given me segfaults with mkfontscale - the versions
> in BLFS-6.1 work fine, the versions from a month or two ago didn't.

mkfontscale seems entirely encased in X.org.  Does it use any of the
font libraries?  I noticed it linked with a couple of libraries in the
xcbuild directory.

> So, you might want to try version upgrades of the font stuff.  But it's
> probably down to the correct incantations for X, specifically
> #define LibDirName lib64
> #define LibDir /usr/X11R6/lib64/X11

I had these exactly in my host.def.  I'll give different font
libraries a try.  But I may rebuild pure 64 first just because I can
see I'm going to hate dealing with all these libraries having to be
built twice with different flags.


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