Summer Time & Winter time adjustments

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Thu Aug 18 04:54:39 PDT 2005

Recently, Somebody Somewhere wrote these words
> Declan Moriarty wrote:
> >But the various time programs seem broken at best, and linux seems
> >confused about clocks, having turf wars over this function & that one.
> >
> >[root at genius ~]# hwclock --show
> >Wed 17 Aug 2005 20:28:09 IST  -1.008866 seconds
> >[root at genius ~]# date
> >Wed Aug 17 21:28:19 IST 2005
> >
> >What's the story? How do I sort that one?
> echo "UTC=1" > /etc/sysconfig as explained in 
>  There's a pointer to a useful hint on that page too.

UTC=1 is already set. tzselect in the hint gives me

Therefore TZ='Europe/Dublin' will be used.
Local time is now:      Thu Aug 18 12:47:21 IST 2005.
Universal Time is now:  Thu Aug 18 11:47:21 UTC 2005.

But the local time is the UTC, and the supposed 'local time' is an hour
fast. This is my problem.

> PS: Thanks for the pointer to 'ddate' gave me a hearty chuckle!

It's part of tomsrtbt. I installed it and then removed it when I
discovered it was the format of the Discordian Church of Confusion.
I object on principle to the basis of it. There's gigabytes of waffle on
the discordian church out there.


	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.

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