Summer Time & Winter time adjustments

Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Aug 18 07:39:29 PDT 2005

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, Declan Moriarty wrote:

> UTC=1 is already set. tzselect in the hint gives me
> Therefore TZ='Europe/Dublin' will be used.
> Local time is now:      Thu Aug 18 12:47:21 IST 2005.
> Universal Time is now:  Thu Aug 18 11:47:21 UTC 2005.
> But the local time is the UTC, and the supposed 'local time' is an hour
> fast. This is my problem.

 Perhaps the bios was set to local summertime at some point ?  Perhaps
"another OS" stomped all over the hardware clock.  Either way, set the
date, followed by hwclock --systohc to update it.

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