OpenSSH server not working - connection closed

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Thu Aug 18 19:04:26 PDT 2005

> DNS is not working 100% correctly on my server yet, and as a 
> consequence, host name lookups do not work from the specific machine the 
> sshd was started on.
> Using the default settings sshd does name resolution checks that will 
> fail, so it may serve as a temporary solution to set UseDNS to no in 
> sshd_config.

Wow.  Problem solved.  Thanks Laszlo!  I hadn't thought of that, but a 
separate thought had crossed my mind many times before when I was 
starting BLFS about why I hadn't set up DNS yet and why my login screen 
showed a name of conor.(none).  And to think, I was about to scrap the 
whole LFS system and start from scratch!

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions and helped me solve this.

One thing that has me a bit grumpy is with the sshd debugging.  Nothing 
in the debug output led me to believe that there was difficulty looking 
up domain names.

Failed none for dbnichol from port 35571 ssh2
debug1: userauth-request for user dbnichol service ssh-connection method 
debug1: attempt 1 failures 1
debug2: input_userauth_request: try method keyboard-interactive
debug1: keyboard-interactive devs
debug1: auth2_challenge: user=dbnichol devs=
debug1: kbdint_alloc: devices ''
debug2: auth2_challenge_start: devices
Failed keyboard-interactive for dbnichol from port 35571 ssh2

I thought this was surely an authentication issue.  Whatever, moving on.


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