Building BLFS Stuff in Chroot (was: Problem on installing Xorg)

Uli Fahrenberg uli at
Fri Aug 19 00:36:04 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy, Aug 18, 13:32 -0500:

> Uli Fahrenberg wrote these words on 08/18/05 13:29 CST:
>> Also, building X while in chroot is normally not recommended, you 
>> should be booted into your new shiny LFS system for doing that.
> Just out of curiosity more than anything: why?

OK this might just be urban legend, but I've always thought that if the 
kernel you've installed in chroot is different from the one on the host, 
you'll run into trouble with stuff that wants to use kernel headers.

Maybe this is moot now that everything uses the sanitised headers, and if 
so, I'll shut up.


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