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Fri Aug 19 02:59:21 PDT 2005

Recently, Somebody Somewhere wrote these words
> Having found that the SSH server problem I was having has been solved,
> I'd like to address the root issue.  I ended up turning off DNS to get
> sshd to work, but that's not really what I want.  So the question is,
> what do I have to do to have my domain name extracted on my machine?
> When I log in at the linux console, I have /etc/issue set up to echo
> the domain name, and it comes back as (none).  But in /etc/hosts, I
> have my ip address aliased to my domain name (which is qualified at
>  How do I set up the system so that it recognizes my
> domain name?  Do I have to run a DNS server (BIND)?  On my host, FC3,
> the domain name is recognized, but I don't know what services are run
> to extract it.
> Anyway, any pointers on DNS would be appreciated.  This is an area
> that I know very little about.

Welcome to the club (Knowing very little). 
I'm not sure whether it is DNS or loopback networking that might be set
up wrong. Try
ping -c1 and you should get a success.

DNS for Dummies

/etc/hosts: Holds hostnames & IPs you know. Used to be the Internet!
The first line should be localhost.localdomain localhost

/etc/host.conf: Holds the search order. These 2 lines

order hosts, bind
multi on

/etc/resolv.conf: Holds places to search, with lines like
search domain1, domain2, etc.
nameserver # only if you have your own dns programme
nameserver dns1.isp
nameserver dns2.ip

and any other servers get a line. If you want your own dns server, look
at djbdns (I know, but it works well and is compact)


	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.

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