mounting samba with smbfs kernel support but no samba/smbclient

Declan Moriarty junk_mail at
Fri Aug 19 10:01:59 PDT 2005

Recently, Somebody Somewhere wrote these words
>    Greetings,
>    I am relatively inactive on this list. I am trying to mount samba
>    on an lfs-based machine. I am experiencing difficulties. The
>    machine has lfs (kernel2.6.11.5 installed. There is kernel support
>    for smbfs. The machine does not have samba installed nor smbclient.
>    (This is because it is intended as a gageway machine) and the
>    present exercise in mounting samba from an external server is for
>    network-setup verification.
>    The external samba server mentioned has two shares; a public share
>    that requires no password and a normal share that requires
>    authentication. I am experiencing difficulty mounting either. I
>    have tried various options after the -o tag. Examples of my efforts
>    are in the attached file. Help would be appreciated.

Welcome out of lurking! :). I know little of samba. I gather you need

The mount stuff is because the kernel seems to be looking for an ext2
system. You are telling it -t smbfs.

Look for a hint, a doc, or as a _last_ resort, a HOWTO.

Try this google: samba linux "mount -t"


	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.

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