Randy McMurchy LFS-User at
Fri Aug 19 21:42:42 PDT 2005

Harris Christian D SSgt 1 CS/SCBAM wrote these words on 08/19/05 23:39 CST:
> I finished installing DocBook_DSSSL_Stylesheets. Previous to that I
>  statisfied the required and optional dependencies listed on the page.
>  When I run the test I get the following errors.

Apparently, the test also looks for version 3.x of the SGML Docbook
DTD. I always install it as a matter of habit in new builds and though
I thought I checked out the test to ensure only the packages listed are
required, it may seem as though the 3.1 DTD is required.

Could you install it and see if the test then passes without those
ugly errors?


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