import Account from Mozilla to Thunderbird

thorsten fly_a320 at
Sat Aug 20 05:54:47 PDT 2005

Hello List,

I am trying to import my old Mozilla 1.6 Mail Account (Settings, Mail, 
etc) to Thunderbird 1.0.6
This seems to be not as easy as I hoped it would be. This is how I tried it:

I copied my old .mozilla folder to ~ using cp --archive
then I started thunderbird for the first time as this user.
Thunderbird recognizes the old mozilla config files and I tell him to 
import from mozilla.
It confirms that all is sucsessfully imported, but then Thunderbird 
segfaults with line 159...

This looks like some font problem I had earlier with firefox, however 
this is resolved and without importing anything from mozilla, 
thunderbird runs w/o problems.

Is there a better solution to import old accounts to thunderbird?


thorsten happel

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