Error starting Bind

David Fix evjezzb02 at
Sun Aug 21 16:24:38 PDT 2005

> Hi all,
> My system has an lfs 6.1 installation, and I have installed the Bind
> server 9.3.1, but I can't start named.
> I think the cause is this message I have on startup (copied from the
> kernel.log file):
> kernel: process `named' is using obsolete setsockopt SO_BSDCOMPAT
> Anyone knows what could be (an old library, a kernel 
> misconfiguration...)?

Hi Giulio,

That message shouldn't cause named to not run...  That's just telling you
that it's an old socket option...  You can easily enough go through the code
(if you're so inclined!) and comment out the parts that refer to
SO_BSDCOMPAT...  Just make sure that if you do this, you KNOW what you're
doing. ;) There are a few places in there that it's conditional what part
you comment out, so be careful.  :)  Any messages showing up in
/var/log/sys.log about the named process?  Or if you try to run it
non-daemonized, do you get any error messages?  Also, check your named.conf
file by doing:

named-checkconf named.conf

And see if there's a problem there.  :)

	Best of luck,

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