X-window and Firefox problem

Stephen Liu satimis at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 21 23:43:14 PDT 2005

Hi folks,

X-window can be started by running "startx" after
booting up LFS 6.1 and login as Root but never on
chroot environment.

On LFS 6.1, login as Root
"Startx" worked without problem popup Xterm window and
a clock on screen.  On Xterm window, running

# firefox

started Firefox.

However login as User, running "startx" only hung on
screen with following line displayed repeatedly;

xauth : timeout in locking authority file

Then pressing [Ctrl]+C can start X-window as User. 
However Firefox can't be started on Xterm by running

$ firefox


$ /usr/bin/firefox

If 'su' as root then Firefox can be started there.

On chroot environment:
I can't get X-window started by running either
"startx" OR "cd ~ && Xorg -configure", always
complaining "Fatal server error"

Please advise how to fix the problem.  Which
file/files I have to look at its/their permission?



P.S. if necessary I can display the full printout of
"Fatal server error" as well as "/var/log/Xorg.0.log"
on next mail.  They may take up space.

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