Firefox error to install

Christopher Beppler lfs at
Mon Aug 22 01:27:12 PDT 2005

DJ Lucas wrote:
> [...] 
> As has been found so many times on this list, the fonts typically are
> the problem with the above error.  Did you by chance copy fonts from
> your windows partition as root (expecting 755 perms)?  If so, make
> certain that they are readable by the user running firefox....I had this
> exact problem some time ago, however, I can't recall exactly why the
> umask was ignored.  I'll dig through the archives and see if I can find
> it a bit later.

No... I haven't some copied some windows-fonts. I only installed the
base-packages suggested by BLFS.
I now had changed the permissions of the fonts to 644, re-run
mkfontscale, mkfontdir in every directory and then re-run fc-cache.
fc-cache did take more time than the last time, but firefox segfaults
further on.

I will now try to get the clue by reading the ml-archive from your
second mail.

Thank you


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