Package user installation of Xorg, (was: Tex cannot find latex.fmt)

dennis w32 at
Mon Aug 22 11:26:19 PDT 2005

Steffen R. Knollmann wrote:
 > Hello!
 > XOrg is somewhat bitching around if 'make install' is not performed
 > by root (SETUID bits and stuff like that). I managed to get it
 > working using the package-user scheme, but I am afraid, I don't have
 >  to notes on how I did that anymore. Compiling works as any user.

Please pardon my clumsy posting. I found it easier to follow mailing 
lists using USENET....

FWIW, my .project file contains only a few notes on package user 
installation of Xorg:

         The first installation failed, (insufficient privilege to create
/usr/X11R6). So I created /usr/X11R6 as root, then made it an install

         As root, (not as package user xorg), edit /etc/ and
add /usr/X11R6/lib. Then run ldconfig.

	One additional problem: unprivileged users were unable to run
startx, because the log file couldn't be created. Following Andrew
Benton's advice on the blfs-support mailing list, I changed ownership
and permission for /usr/X11R6/bin/Xorg:
# chown root:root /usr/X11R6/bin/Xorg
# chmod 4711 /usr/X11R6/bin/Xorg
And now unprivileged users can run startx! (And, of course, Xorg
disappears from the new package list).

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