No sound lessons

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Aug 22 19:30:53 PDT 2005

Jeremy Byron wrote these words on 08/22/05 21:09 CST:

> Imagine taking the time to write a constructive suggestion, and being 
> flamed for it.  Last I checked, it was considered good form to close off 
> a long support thread with a summary of the solution; that Randhir 
> actually did this is impressive and he should be encouraged, if 
> anything, not insulted.  How often do you see this actually done?

Sorry if you took my efforts to help as being insulting. You are
responding to my last message where I indicated that what the OP was
asking for us to put in the book is already covered in documentation
provided by the package.

Typically, we don't put stuff in the book (other than instructions
to build the package) that can be found in package provided docs.

We mention in the book that the sound channels are muted by default
and to use the 'alsamixer' program to unmute them. Expecting readers
to 'man alsamixer' is a given. We shouldn't have to tell them what
is the obvious.


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