X-window sed problem

Thomas De Reyck thomasdereyck at pandora.be
Tue Aug 23 04:43:58 PDT 2005

Hello everyone,

I'm having some sort of dull problem when installing X. It appears to be 
something very simple to which I just can't see the solution.

When installing the Xorg-6.8.2 package, the following command needs to 
be issued to make sure that the build does not become corrupted by 
library incompatibilities:

sed -i -e "s@^#include <linux/config.h>@/* & */@" \

    `grep -lr linux/config.h *` &&
( make World 2>&1 | tee xorg-compile.log && exit $PIPESTATUS )

But, whenever i issue this command, i get:

sed: can't read grep -lr linux/config.h *: No such file or directory

Since I'm not (yet ;-) )a real sed/grep artist, does anyone know what I 
might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance :-)
Thomas De Reyck

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