bootsplash on kernel

David Ciecierski davidcie at
Tue Aug 23 19:19:45 PDT 2005

I'm building a system for my sister who apparently does not fancy boot 
messages... and came across bootsplash which does just the thing I want. 
Has any of you tried it? My main problem seems to be the lack of 
bootsplash patch for kernel which I'm using - the nearest 
available is for 2.6.12. I applied the patch anyway, but... after 
enabling all the required options I still cannot access menu option 
"Bootsplash configuration". It's there with "--->", but I cannot get in...

I also came across gensplash, an offspring of Gentoo - is it any better?

And last but not least - I'll be compiling nvidia's drivers a little 
later. Many people suggest *not* building "nVidia Framebuffer Support"*, 
not even as a module, as it will break the driver for sure. Is it true?

Thanks for your efforts in answering the above!
Kind regards,
David Ciecierski

* What's the difference between that one and "nVidia Riva Support"? Is 
the latter older / outddated?

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