OOo-1.1.4 with JDK 1.5.0

NP np at
Wed Aug 24 02:57:53 PDT 2005

Hello !

Building BLFS SVN-20050822 on Intel P4 / Kernel
Using JDK 1.5.0 compiled in /opt/jdk

OpenOffice-1.1.4 fails to compile :
Command : ./bootstrap && bash -c "source; dmake"
Produces following error (after ca. 1h30 processing) :

In member function `com::sun::star::uno::Sequence<rtl::OUString> 
connectivity::java_sql_DriverPropertyInfo::choices() const':
error: no matching function for call to 
../../inc/java/lang/String.hxx:71: note: candidates are: 
connectivity::java_lang_String::java_lang_String(const rtl::OUString&)
dmake:  Error code 1, while making 
---* TG_SLO.MK *---

ERROR: Error 65280 occurred while making 
dmake:  Error code 1, while making 'build_all'
---* TG_SLO.MK *---

Seems to be a known issue : see
Appying suggested patch 
solves the problem (at least compilation does not fail and OO seems to work 

Did anybody encouter the same problem ?
Any advice ?

Best regards.
N. Peguiron / 050824
np [at] logma [dot] ch

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