bootsplash on kernel

Carlos Eduardo de Brito Novaes carlosnov at
Wed Aug 24 03:44:56 PDT 2005

Em Ter 23 Ago 2005 23:19, David Ciecierski escreveu:

Hello! \

> I still cannot access menu option
> "Bootsplash configuration". It's there with "--->", but I cannot get in...

	To me, it seens like a patch error, try adding to .config a line like this:
	just before CONFIG_SOUND=y on my .config 
	I use bootsplash here, my kernel is a 2.6.11, using the ck patchs and 
aditional bootsplash, that I got from a kernel forum (sorry, but I dont 
remember which forum it was). On you find patchs for older 
versions. Try google to find some issue, also if you want, I can send you the 
patch I used for my 2.6.11. 

> I also came across gensplash, an offspring of Gentoo - is it any better?

	I Dont know, never heard about it before
> And last but not least - I'll be compiling nvidia's drivers a little
> later. Many people suggest *not* building "nVidia Framebuffer Support"*,
> not even as a module, as it will break the driver for sure. Is it true?

	Here, I also dont know, but every time I add support for nVidia framebuffer, 
I cannot get bootsplash or framebuffers at all. Dont know why, but I think 
its true. Well, my card is a old TNT2 that support VESA framebuffer, so it 
works without problems...

Hope this helped a little.

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