Weird test-results from gcc-3.4.4

D.Dreschers garfield0 at
Wed Aug 24 03:47:00 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
>>in order to avoid rebuilding my complete system is it
>>possible to build solely the objc,f77 and ada compiler
>>and install them in /usr/local without damaging the
>>c and c++ compiler in /usr ?
> What do you mean "damaging"? What version of GCC do you currently
> have installed?

I installed 3.4.4 while building lfs and now just want to add
the additional languages.

> BTW - If I remember correctly, you cannot build objc, f77 or ada
> without building the c compiler.

That's exactly what I meant.
Installing a second C compiler under a different location.
Maybe even installing the same library (with the same name but
different internals) in different locations.

(I once did a gcc-upgrade on my old debian system the wrong
way and messed it up quiet a lot. I don't want to make this
mistake again.)

Can I build and install in /usr/local and then just move them
all to /usr? Or is the path hardcoded in the binaries?


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