Firefox and profile locking: Chapter 2

Randy McMurchy randy at
Wed Aug 24 10:19:06 PDT 2005

[cc'd to BLFS-Dev from BLFS-Support]

Archaic wrote these words on 06/25/05 12:01 CST:

> [snip what is already instructions in the book]

> make -C browser/installer &&
> cd dist &&
> mv firefox /opt/firefox-${version} &&
> ln -sf /opt/firefox-${version} /opt/firefox &&
> ln -sf /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin &&

Archaic, you are the man!

These instructions work perfectly for firefox (some additions
required to account for unprivileged build and root install).

Using the installer as Archaic points out creates a Firefox that
doesn't call the profile manager when invoked more than once.
Invoking firefox a 2nd time simply opens another window of Firefox.
As one would expect.

Invoked like this (with an already running firefox window):

firefox -remote "(openurl(,new-tab)"

causes firefox to use the existing window of firefox and open a
new tab with the specified URL.

I will play with developing a wrapper script to put in /usr/bin so
that it calls /opt/firefox/firefox appropriately (depending
on if it is called with a URL or new-tab URL.

I suggest Archaic's method of building Firefox be implemented into
BLFS immediately. The only downside I can see to this is that it
must be installed into /opt. Of course, it could be installed into
/usr/lib/firefox-1.0.6, but this really wouldn't be appropriate.

For me, installing into opt is a good thing, as it allows for an
updated version to be installed side-by-side with the existing
one and simply point the /opt/firefox symlink to
/opt/firefox-1.0.7 when you update.

I'll be looking into Thunderbird as well today. Something tells me
the issues of no RSS accounts being created (the option to do it
doesn't come up) as well as the missing configuration item from the
main menu.

Please folks, comment on this as I would like to implement immediately.
We'd really need a compelling reason why we don't change the existing
instructions to use Archaic's method.


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