upgrading glibc?

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Aug 24 12:50:47 PDT 2005

Douglas J Hunley wrote these words on 08/24/05 14:42 CST:

> OK, so how does one upgrade an LFS system? Is it as 'simple' as creating /lfs 
> on the system, doing the build chrooted there, and then going to single user 
> mode and moving everything from /lfs/* to / ?

Many different methods you can use. Do you have spare disk space in
your system. Unused partitions?

If so, just use a spare partition to build LFS, and off you go. This
works really good, because then you have your old data on your
existing system. Just have to mount the old partition and copy all
your data files to the new partition as you install packages.

If you don't have spare disk space, then you can spend 25 bucks for
a 80 GB hard drive and do the above. 45 bucks gets you a couple
hundred GB's.

If you don't have spare disk space and you're broke, then copy off
your data files to something (CD's, thumb drives, whatever) and
recreate your filesystems on the existing partition and away you go.


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