Security thoughts to chapter 4.

Guenther Niess guenther.niess at
Wed Aug 24 16:48:46 PDT 2005

I'm a newbie on lfs/blfs and want to install a multimedia/developer
laptop desktop environment which is not the lowest security standart. So
I prepare my installation for all the thinks and read the whole day
about the programs referenced on the book. Then I stumbled over the
sentence: "If you running Linux as a single user system, or in an
environment where all the users are trusted, then there
is no real advantage for using PAM." in the PAM System Administrator Guide.
Now my question is: Does it really make sense to install Kerberos, Cyrus
SASL and stunnel on my system?
It's difficult for me to see any advantage on many security programs. Is
it not enough to install OpenSSL, Iptables, GnuPG, Tripwire and SSH for
a desktop system or I'm naive?

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