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Wed Aug 24 18:29:40 PDT 2005


Randy McMurchy wrote: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 21

>Sorry if you took my efforts to help as being insulting. You are
>responding to my last message where I indicated that what the OP was
>asking for us to put in the book is already covered in documentation
>provided by the package.

>Typically, we don't put stuff in the book (other than instructions
>to build the package) that can be found in package provided docs.

>We mention in the book that the sound channels are muted by default
>and to use the 'alsamixer' program to unmute them. Expecting readers
>to 'man alsamixer' is a given. We shouldn't have to tell them what
>is the obvious.

It was nice to see so many fellow-users of the List felt concerned about 
this subject. Shows how active this List is.

This started with me. I owe an explanation.

I think I was too presumptuous and forthright. I should have been more 

Also, I feel I should have looked at manuals etc before bothering the List. 
But as someone wrote also, man's are written in a 'difficult to understand' 
style. One tends to find the easier way out - post to the List. I can see 
that this is not correct.

To Randy I would like to say:

The Book is very well done. That is why a novice like me has reached this 
far, having installed X and Kde and now asking questions about how to get 
the peripherals going. No mean achievemnet for the LFS/BLFS team. You are a 
prominent member of this brilliant TEAM. People like me look up to you for 
guidance. There is no harm if in their 'childlike' elation upon having 
achieved something, they suggest something, aimed at easing the struggle, 
for others so that others do not experience the struggle, which they 
themselves went through. When you are at the 'pedestal' you got to be kinder 
and look at what is being said. It is not mandatory for you to take any 
suggestion. I agree with Jeremy Byron when he says that one can be polite 
and courteous.

Anyway, I am sorry if I caused any anguish.


Randhir Phagura

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