Security thoughts to chapter 4.

Guenther Niess guenther.niess at
Wed Aug 24 18:53:24 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:

>Kerberos? Probably not. You need to learn what these packages do
>before you even should consider them.
Yes it's true. It's not Mircosoft style, clicking befor thinking ;-)
That's why I read the Howtos and Manpages, befor I've installed it.
(Because of my doubt, I haven't installed the programs.)

>Cyrus-SASL? Maybe. But probably not.
>Stunnel? Maybe. Are you thinking about installing Samba? Are you
>going to access, or be accessed by Windows clients using Samba?
>Chances are for just a desktop system, you won't need Stunnel.
>At least until you understand what it is used for and *how* to
>use it, you won't need it.
Thats the point, I'm not sure if I understood all the things which can
these programs used for.

>Hey, it's up to you. Many things factor into your security needs.
>1) How do you access the Internet?
>2) Do you already have a firewall at your location?
>3) Who all has access to your machine?
>4) So forth and so on.
>There is much information you can read up on about securing your
>system. Please consider doing some more research to determine *your*
>needs, and then use whatever is appropriate. It is difficult for
>someone without any knowledge of what your expectations and/or
>requirements are to offer much help.
Yes it's also true. Thanks for your help.
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