Allowing ftp and email, but not shell access

Gavin Jackson GavinJ at
Thu Aug 25 17:17:48 PDT 2005

>> Is it possible to create the users as regular system users, and
>> /bin/false as the shell?  It's just a guess.  I don't know yet
>> scp will work in that setup or not, but I don't see why not.

>Doesn't seem to work. I just had a go using a test user on my machine,
>but can't access their home directory either through ssh, sftp, or
>nautilus/gnome-vfs - I just get "Connection closed".

Try using /sbin/nologin instead of /bin/false. I had a problem recently
with vsftpd and could not login in until I made the change. It had
something to do with /bin/false not being listed as one of the shells.


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