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Thu Aug 25 17:23:42 PDT 2005


Randy McMurchy wrote on Wed, 24 Aug 2005

>I feel no anguish. I applaud your efforts so far and hope you
>continue to pursue the {,B}LFS way of Linux. I am a forthright
>person who speaks his mind. I can come off as abrasive. I am
>constantly working on that. Though I can certainly say I will
>never sugar-coat stuff, I do feel that there are times that I
>wished I had reworded stuff.

>Technical advice is straight forward. It is difficult for me to
>take the time to make it tactful sometimes. I will continue to
>work in that area. Oh well. Don't take it personally. Keep it
>going, dude!

>Lastly, when folks say something like the man pages are difficult
>to understand, and then I read it and it says:

>"M  toggles  muting  for the current channel (both left and right).
>If the hardware supports it, you can mute left and right
>independently by using , (or <) and .  (or >) respectively."

>I then wonder how serious to take the person who said that it
>was difficult to understand. See what I mean?

Nice to see your encouraging remarks. I agree with you that one must try not 
to be abrasive.

Incidently, I have never asked any question about 'unmuting the channels'. 
Jeremy Byron, in his detailed response, had already put me wise on that. I 
do not know where you got this fix on 'unmuting'.

About the manual pages, It was a general remark about these not being very 
user friendly, which is true to quite some extent.

But I said this earlier and I say this again that one should read the 
manuals before coming to the List. That is a lesson for me.

Thanks and Regards

Randhir Phagura

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