Firefox enhancement

Kevin Somervill ksomervi at
Thu Aug 25 19:46:21 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Hi all,
> If you have instances where you click on a URL link, or from the
> command line issue a URL parameter to Firefox and it opens a new
> browser window, when you'd rather it open a new tab in an existing
> browser window, issue the following command as the root user to update
> the installed firefox script in /usr/bin:
> sed -i 's|openURL(\${_optLast}|&, new-tab|' /usr/bin/firefox

It seems from my testing that if you apply the patch, you don't need the 
"new-tab" argument.  You can set the preference using in the "Tabbed 
Browsing" section through Edit > Preferences, as the mozilla developers 
intended.  And I don't deserve any credit for this anyway.  I found it 
on the net at

I believe I also saw it somewhere in one of the fedora forums, but I 
can't seem to find it right now.

> This suggestion (optional) and a fix for the profile locking problem
> is being put into the book shortly.

If mentioned at all, maybe just note that you can set this value, but I 
wouldn't recommend folks work around the user interface if they don't 
have to.

> Thanks to Kevin Somervill for suggesting these fixes, and to Dan
> Nicholson for reminding me about Kevin's suggestions.

You're welcome. I'm trying to find out where to send the firefox script 
into the mozilla folks, but just searching their database is painful. 
So far, I've put more work into finding out if they aleady know about 
the bug than it took me to fix it. If any of you have recommendations as 
to where to send the patch, let me know.


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