Problems with passwd after reinstalling shadow

Jean-Pierre Bogler schoppe at
Fri Aug 26 05:03:02 PDT 2005

Hello all,

i am very new to the blfs mailinglist and I am doing  my first try to build
up an own system from scratch. My BLFS shall become a nice little Samba DC
in future. So I looked up the samba  dependencies in the book and decided to
install Linux-PAM-0.80 with cracklib-2.8.3.

Everything seemed to work good and I am quite sure that I did everything
like it was described. The only little problem I noticed was that the pam.d
directory was not created by the install of pam, so I made it by hand. After
the installation of cracklib and pam I wanted to reinstall shadow again, of

There where no problems during the installation. Afterwards I added the
config-scripts like described  in the book in the pam.d directory. The login
and logout works fine. Also su, useradd, groupadd and all  other commands
behave normal. The only problem now is passwd:

When I want to execute passwd as root I only get the error message:
"passwd: critical error -immediate abort"

  1. When I comment out the first line of the passwd config in pam.d:

  #password  required retry=3 difok=8 minlen=5 dcredit=3
ocredit=3 ucredit=2 lcredit=2
  password  required       md5 shadow use_authtok

  as root passwd says "passwd: Authentication information can not be

  2. When I now delete the "use_authok" parameter in the second line I can
use passwd.

I hope that somebody here has an idea how to solve this problem. I already
googled, but had no success. If you need further informations please ask. I
am a noobie
and don't know exactly which other logs or informations may can help to find
the problem.

Many thanks in advance!

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