gcc 2.95.x

Dan Osterrath Dan.Osterrath at gmx.de
Fri Aug 26 07:29:49 PDT 2005

Declan Moriarty schrieb:
> You might need gcc-2.95 to make gcc-2.95 :-/.

Very nice circular dependency. :-(

> If you just want libstdc++.so.5, do you want it attached to an email?

No thanks, I got it from gcc 3.3.6 already.

> Have you installed Openoffice? You may have libstdc++.so.5 in the 
> OO/program directory. I don't know if that's been suggested.

No I don't have OO as this is a server. I need this library for the
Canto Cumulus Java SDK.

Thanx to all, my problem is solved.
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