AW: Problems with passwd after reinstalling shadow

Jean-Pierre Bogler schoppe at
Fri Aug 26 07:59:56 PDT 2005


thanks to all for your help. I am sorry that I started a new thread within
an old one, I didn't know that
this happens when I reply with another subject. But now the good message I
could solve my passwd
problem. The failure was that I mistyped while preparing the configure file
of pam. Something went
wrong with:

sed -i 's|DICT_DIR_CANDIDATES="|&/lib /lib/cracklib |'

I opened the configure file in vim and fixed it. Then I reconfigured and
recompiled pam again and copied the
/modules/pam_cracklib/ into /lib/security. Now passwd works
fine and I am happy.

Unfortunately neighter the configuration nor the compiler, the or passwd give you normal
error messages or warnings! And also in the logs you can not find anything
useful when this problem occurs.
A really ugly mistake.

Next time, I will start new threads with a new mail ;). Many thanks again!


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