firefox-1.0.6 & gtk+2.8.0

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Fri Aug 26 13:34:28 PDT 2005

Just for everyone's information (if you care), it would probably make
a difference if you check out the CVS because the *nix builds are
moving to a default of using cairo.  But this isn't implemented in the
1.0.x line.  Based on Randy's info, it sounds like gtk-2.8.x works
with firefox and thunderbird 1.0.x.  However, if you really want to
take advantage of the badass cairo backend, you can check out the
preview to firefox-1.1 (Deer Park) along with its other features.

Also, as Randy said, the mozilla way produces the exact same thing. 
It just adds a sort of scripting to ./configure, make, make install. 
That can be helpful if you see all the configure options that are

If anyone's interested, all the official mozilla build documentation
is available at:
It's pretty well documented, but some things haven't been updated in a while.


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