qt-3.3.4 compile error

D.Dreschers garfield0 at gmx.net
Tue Aug 30 05:33:05 PDT 2005

Dennis Nijhof wrote:
> me again,
> but are the GL library not a part of xorg? because in my previous install 
> without the package managing system al went well.

I searched the internet for more information about that topic.
As far as I've learned, hardware accelerated OpenGL is not so
easy if you want to stay open-source.
You'll have to enable DRI in X (if your card is supported) and
install mesa for the OpenGL-core.
Also (if your card is supported) you should activate DRI in the
kernel to get hardware acceleration.

If you are ok with binary drivers, use them.
I never had any problems with my nvidia drivers.
Just compile, load module and go.


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