qt-3.3.4 compile error

Dennis Nijhof unreal_war at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 30 05:41:58 PDT 2005


yes /usr was listed 0:install but that was not the problem
i found out that /usr/lib/ligGL.so was a link to itself.. the install did 
not remove the link and copied the real library to this location. i did this 
by hand and know all works fine..

thanks alot for your suggestions :)

greeting D. Nijhof

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><br>> > but are the GL library not a part of xorg? because in my 
previous install<br>> > without the package managing system al went 
well.<br>><br>>I searched the internet for more information about that 
topic.<br>>As far as I've learned, hardware accelerated OpenGL is not 
so<br>>easy if you want to stay open-source.<br>>You'll have to enable 
DRI in X (if your card is supported) and<br>>install mesa for the 
OpenGL-core.<br>>Also (if your card is supported) you should activate DRI 
in the<br>>kernel to get hardware acceleration.<br>><br>>If you are 
ok with binary drivers, use them.<br>>I never had any problems with my 
nvidia drivers.<br>>Just compile, load module and 
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