Anyone can explain DVD writing to me ?

Nicolas FRANCOIS nicolas.francois at
Tue Aug 30 06:46:17 PDT 2005

Le Tue, 30 Aug 2005 23:30:47 +1200 Simon Geard <delgarde at> a
écrit :

> On Mon, 2005-08-29 at 20:12 +0200, Nicolas FRANCOIS wrote:
> > To complete my question, because I can see you quite dislike those
> > short messages :
> Problem, a simple question like "how do I get $TOPIC to work" can only
> ever be usefully answered by pointing someone at the docs. Whereas if
> you tell us what you've already tried, we can be a bit more helpful. And
> we *do* try our best to be helpful, if given enough information to do
> so.

Don't bother, I was just mocking my own silly first message ;-) I had no
time to post, and hoped that it would end well.

Well, it did : I ddon't know why, but I can now burn an iso image. I use
/dev/hdd as a device, and nothing complains anymore.

I have to thank all of you once more : this is really a great list to
learn from. All your advices were usefull.

BTW, I had a few bad experiences with ide-scsi : trying to unload sr_mod,
I twice blocked my computer ! Quite strange with Linux :-(




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