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Tue Aug 30 16:05:10 PDT 2005

* On [31 Aug 2005 00:10 +0300] <davidcie at> wrote:
> At the beginning I feel I should state I'm following the package user 
> hint, it's probably related. So what happens? I'm trying to install 
> gnome-desktop, version 2.11.92, and make fails with the following in the 
> log:
> [code]
> make[2]: Entering directory 
> `/usr/src/gnome-desktop/gnome-desktop-2.11.92/desktop-docs'
> Making all in fdl
> C/fdl.xml:603: parser error : Entity 'copy' not defined
> 	Copyright © YEAR YOUR NAME.
> 	                ^
> make[3]: Entering directory 
> `/usr/src/gnome-desktop/gnome-desktop-2.11.92/desktop-docs/fdl'
> xsltproc -o fdl-C.omf --stringparam db2omf.basename fdl --stringparam 
> db2omf.format 'docbook' --stringparam db2omf.dtd "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook 
> XML V4.1.2//EN" --stringparam db2omf.lang C --stringparam db2omf.omf_dir 
> "/usr/share/omf" --stringparam db2omf.help_dir "/usr/share/gnome/help" 
> --stringparam db2omf.omf_in "`pwd`/./" `/usr/bin/pkg-config 
> --variable db2omf gnome-doc-utils` C/fdl.xml
> compilation error: file C/fdl.xml line 15 element article
> xsltParseStylesheetProcess : document is not a stylesheet

It seems that the xml parser, xsltproc, can't find the iso-entities
definitions. The © entity is in the ISOnum.ent file. On my Debian
box that's under /usr/share/xml/entities/xml-iso-entities-8879.1986 . I
haven't installed DocBook on my LFS system yet. You should check that
the iso-entities are installed--I think they don't come with the
DTD's. It's been a while since I used DocBook, but it's always tricky to
set it up to work correctly.


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