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Tue Aug 30 19:13:28 PDT 2005

* On [31 Aug 2005 03:32 +0300] <randy at> wrote:

> > You'll have to admit that--without the cutting and pasting--configuring
> > DocBook, for the first time, requires a bit of work. It is not *very*
> > tricky, but *somewhat* tricky, I think.
> No, sorry, I won't admit that. Written instructions are easy to
> follow. Either you follow them and it works right, or you don't
> follow them and it doesn't work.
> There are no tricks involved.

OK. Maybe *tricky* is not the right word here. But I wasn't talking
about the instructions, rather DocBook itself. So, it's not the BLFS way
that is tricky, I haven't read that part of the book or attempted to
install DocBook on my LFS/BLFS system, yet.

The first time I tried to set up DocBook was on a Debian box. I was
reading Norman Walsh's Definitive Guide and Bob Stayton's DocBook XSL:
The Complete Guide. I remember t wasn't easy to set up properly and it
took some time to get it to work the way I wanted it to. 

So, I guess I was talking about understanding how to set up catalog
files and configure DocBook, etc., rather than just following
instructions. I'm sure the instructions in the book about setting up
DocBook are very clear, the book has been very easy to follow until


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