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Tue Aug 30 19:48:18 PDT 2005

* On [31 Aug 2005 05:20 +0300] <randy at> wrote:
> Tarek Ghaleb wrote these words on 08/30/05 21:13 CST:
> > So, I guess I was talking about understanding how to set up catalog
> > files and configure DocBook, etc., rather than just following
> > instructions. I'm sure the instructions in the book about setting up
> > DocBook are very clear, the book has been very easy to follow until
> > now.
> You say "until now". This implies you are having some issues. Care
> to explain them?

Not at all, the book has been great. I'm just assuming that the more
packages I add, the more the complexity, that's all. But no issues,

I've just gotten side tracked a bit, by wanting to use a packaging
management system. Now, I'm actually building the packages as rpms to
ease install/uninstall/upgrade and also allow me to replicate the system
on other machines. This has turned out to be time consuming, however,
and I'm still behind in the BLFS book.


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