Xorg fontconfig and fonts.conf

S. Anthony Sequeira tony at sequeira.org.uk
Wed Aug 31 11:50:24 PDT 2005

On Wednesday 31 August 2005 09:03, S. Anthony Sequeira wrote:
> >> Installing Xorg using the package user hint.  X wants to
> >> replace /etc/fonts.conf with it's own version, is this OK?
> >
> > Looks like you forgot the "#define HasFontconfig           YES" define
> > in host.def.
> It's definitely in there, I've triple checked.  Maybe I have a comment
> delimiter out of place, I'll check and run again.....  I'll update
> after I've done this.

It *is* in there, no delimiter out of place (copied it to a .c file and used 
vims syntax highlighting to check:

/* Begin Xorg host.def file */

/* System Related Information.  If you read and configure only one
 * section then it should be this one.  The Intel architecture defaults
 * are set for a i686 and higher.  Axp is for the Alpha architecture
 * and Ppc is for the Power PC.  AMD64 is for the Opteron processor.
 * Note that there have been reports that the Ppc optimization line
 * causes segmentation faults during build.  If that happens, try
 * building without the DefaultGcc2PpcOpt line.  ***********/

#define DefaultGcc2i386Opt  -O2 -fno-strength-reduce \
                               -fno-strict-aliasing -march=athlon-xp
/* #define DefaultGcc2AMD64Opt -O2 -fno-strength-reduce \
                               -fno-strict-aliasing */
/* #define DefaultGcc2AxpOpt   -O2 -mcpu=ev6 */
/* #define DefaultGcc2PpcOpt   -O2 -mcpu=750 */

#define HasFreetype2            YES
#define HasFontconfig           YES
#define HasExpat                YES
#define HasLibpng               YES
#define HasZlib                 YES

And it *is* building and attempting to install fontconfig.  I'll dig around a 
bit.  Just back from work, so can't address this right now.

In the meantime, anyone with any ideas please.

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