user package hint & gnome-panel

David Ciecierski davidcie at
Wed Aug 31 11:59:34 PDT 2005

Hello again,
as you can see in the topic I'm following "The Hint"... and can't cope 
with installing gnome-panel anymore. Could someone please post how they 
did this? My install continues to fail badly. I'm quite sure I'm near 
the end, but I'm beginning to think it's just not the right way. What I 
do is I simply either make o+w or chown root:install XYZ + permissions 
everything that it (the install) wants to write to. But at the moment 
I'm sort of 'loosing it' - can't tell which dirs were made root:install 
and which do not need to be... Or whether there's a way to update 
scrollkeeper as root and stop gnome-panel from doing it by itself.

I do have "GCONF_DISABLE_MAKEFILE_SCHEMA_INSTALL=true make install" - 
but even then some components are desperate to install schemas (*very* 

So what's wrong? I have loads of "I/O error : Permission denied" in 
install.log, in reply to the command "scrollkeeper-update -p 
/var/lib/scrollkeeper -o /usr/share/omf/gnome-panel". I made:

/var/log/scrollkeeper.log o+w (gave errors too)
/var/lib/scrollkeeper root:install
/var/lib/scrollkeeper/scrollkeeper_docs o+w
/var/lib/scrollkeeper/index root:install
/var/lib/scrollkeeper/TOC root:install

The final error that breaks the install is at the moment "/bin/chmod: 
cannot access `/usr/share/gnome/help/fish-applet-2/C/*.xml': No such 
file or directory". And I'm too frustrated to look into it :-(

Any helpful ideas? Thanks in advance and sorry for 'flooding' the list 
with help requests all the time recently...

Kind regards,
David Ciecierski

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