user package hint & gnome-panel

David Fix evjezzb02 at
Wed Aug 31 12:12:54 PDT 2005

> The final error that breaks the install is at the moment "/bin/chmod: 
> cannot access `/usr/share/gnome/help/fish-applet-2/C/*.xml': No such 
> file or directory". And I'm too frustrated to look into it :-(
> Any helpful ideas? Thanks in advance and sorry for 'flooding' 
> the list 
> with help requests all the time recently...

chmod -R a+rwx /

Just kidding.  :P  I actually have no idea, I'm just hoping to at least put
a smile onto your face.  I've thought of doing some kind of package
management myself, but seeing stuff like this always makes me cringe...
Anyone else have any smart ideas or experience?


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