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Wed Aug 31 14:28:00 PDT 2005

On 8/31/05, Dan Nicholson <dbn.lists at> wrote:
> On 8/31/05, David Ciecierski <davidcie at> wrote:
> > Hello again,
> > as you can see in the topic I'm following "The Hint"... and can't cope
> > with installing gnome-panel anymore. Could someone please post how they
> > did this? My install continues to fail badly.
> I know you've already invested quite a bit of time into package users,
> but I'm just gonna throw out a package manager that's in the hints
> that I use and I like a lot.  It's called paco by David Rosal

I did spend quite a bit of time investigating the various approaches
(before deciding to go with the pkg-user approach) and even after that
when I wrote the package management section for BLFS.

Basically I found that the DESTDIR approach was the best solution for
creating a package before it was installed on the final system. It is
not by chance that most of the major distros out there use that
approach for package management.

I use a combination of the DESTDIR approach and pkg-user approach. The
DESTDIR approach allows me to create a nice installation tree. The
pkg-user approach allows me to maintain a sepration between the
various packages (by not allowing files to be overwritten, e.g
hemidial or libiconv overwriting critical glibc headers).

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