GTK configure fails on ATK check

David Ciecierski davidcie at
Wed Aug 31 18:39:44 PDT 2005

> My advice it to just wait a few more days for GNOME-2.12 to come
> out. Sure, it is probably very similar to what you are working with
> now, but the GTK folks are probably working overtime to get their
> stuff right before the release.

Hmm, you might be right. The only problem is that I really need to get 
this PC done as soon as possible - my sister has been waiting for it for 
  almost a month now :-) Gnome folks set the release date on 7. Sept, 
which makes it about 6 days... ehh, I guess I like 'round numbers' too 
much not to wait, in the end. Thanks for pointing this out - somehow I 
thought it was still months till Sept and 2.12!

David Ciecierski

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