GTK configure fails on ATK check

R.Quenett qcal at
Wed Aug 31 19:18:28 PDT 2005

mutilated misquotes 
from David Ciecierski's 1 Sep 2005 classic prose
may follow:


" It's been great until now: GTK+ (2.8.3, but I also tried 2.8.2 that 
" worked well the first time) configure fails on the following check 
" (pasted from
" [code]
"          AC_TRY_LINK_FUNC(atk_object_get_type, : , AC_MSG_ERROR([
" 	*** Cannot link to Accessibility Toolkit. Accessibility
" 	*** Toolkit is required to build GTK+]))
" [/code]


Can't say I have any clue myself but I happened to stumble across this.
It's old but perhaps it's still relevant?


"Gold needs no endorsement, it can be tested with scales and
acids.  The recipient of gold does not have to trust the government
stamp upon it, if he does not trust the government that stamped it.
No act of faith is called for when gold is used in payments, and
no compulsion is required." -Benjamin M. Anderson

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