Problem with OpenSSH-4.1p1 (svn-20050707)

David Fix d8luuq202 at
Fri Jul 8 08:04:44 PDT 2005

Hi guys, I wasn't sure which list to post this to, so I posted it to both
BLFS support and BLFS Development...

I'm using svn-20050707, and installed OpenSSH-4.1p1.

I'm linking it statically against OpenSSL 0.98.  The problem I had is that
when I ran a make, lybcrypto.a was giving an undefined reference to dlopen,
dlfcn_load, and a lot of other functions.  After doing a bit of digging, I
found that I had to change the Makefile for OpenSSH to include -ldl, and
that allowed it to compile correctly.  Is this a known problem, or did I
just come across something?  Or perhaps I did something wrong?

Here's the new line from the makefile:
LIBS=-lresolv /usr/lib/libcrypto.a -lutil -lz -lnsl -lcrypt -ldl

Hope this helps someone.  ;)  Or that someone can show me the CORRECT way of
doing it!  :P


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