XOrg compiles, but doesn't install properly

Lennon Cook maguswizardo at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 01:54:24 PDT 2005

I am now installing Xorg on my LFS system (using the 'Package user'
hint ( http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/hints/downloads/files/more_control_and_pkg_man.txt
It claims to compile and install properly, but the program 'startx'
doesn't exist, neither do X, or XOrg (I did adjust my path, and put in
those symlinks). Looking in /usr/X11R6/{bin,lib} and comparing it to
Ubuntu's, there are a numerous discrepancies. However, my  logs don't
seem to give any indication of why this would be.  I have re-compiled
XOrg several times, with different host.def settings and switching
between 'make World' and 'make Everything', with the same results.
There are several (possibly) relevant files (typical logs, the shell
script I am using to build and log the process, and a recent host.def
(I have also tried without host.def, and achieved the same results)).
Lennon Cook

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