Firefox and profile locking: Chapter 2

Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Jul 14 07:50:35 PDT 2005

On Thu, 14 Jul 2005, Andrew Benton wrote:

> Ken Moffat wrote:
> >  Can I just reawaken this thread to report success with what was
> > basically Andrew's build script
> I'd rather you didn't. I was embarrassed because I didn't test it
> properly before I sent it. It worked with an existing profile but if I
> deleted my profile and did it completely from scratch it didn't work.
> I think the problem was that with Firefox installed in /usr/lib and
> owned by root a user doesn't have permissions to read the files needed
> to create a new profile. I could be wrong though.

 Just logged in as user lfs, moved his existing .firefox out of the way,
started firefox without apparent problems (some messages in the xterm
from the ExtensionManager about no access privileges to application
directory, but normal browsing works, a .mozilla directory was created
(not .firefox) and closing followed by restarting shows the previous
site I visited in the drop-down from the URL field).  I'm willing to
believe there are still problems, but it ain't bad!

> > without a separate build directory, was unable to build svg just like
> > all firefox releases) ?
> SVG has only been added to the mozilla code recently, the cairo stuff
> isn't in the aviary branch. I think the plan is for Firefox 1.1 to be
> SVG enabled. Firefox-1.1 (deer park) is currently at alpha 2

 Thanks for the explanation.  I remember when I first had svg in
mozilla, and it looked an interesting new thing.  Now I don't have it,
but I don't seem to be missing anything important.

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